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Friday Five

Hello Everyone!

Have you missed me yet? I had so many intentions this week to write a few other posts before this one. However, I have been without my own computer for some time now. Mine went kaput during the last school semester. Please forgive this pictureless post. It is an absolute pain to try and upload pics without my computer. I have a new one picked out and ready to order, but I have had difficulty placing the order online. Please bear with me on my post absense for the next couple of weeks until I get consistent computer access again.

Anyway, onto the Friday celebration, or what I like to call Friday Facts! Friday Facts is an origination of Chelsey, so please show her some blog love! Chelsey has a generous list of facts every Friday to tell you about, but I think I will keep mine a bit more limited.

 ~And so, it came to pass, the Friday Five was born!~

Friday Five

1. Yesterday, I was running at my favorite location at a nearby high school and there was another older couple also there. The man was running (he seriously lapped me like 3 times!) while the woman was walking. When the man finished running he picked flowers and placed the bouquet in the door handle on the passenger side of his vehicle for the woman to find when she finished. So sweet!

2. This week has been very wonderful for me. There has been a lot of life changing things transpiring for me lately. Something I have been working towards and waiting on for a very long time finally happened! I know this is vague right now. But all will be revealed in due time!

3. I made banana and peanut butter stuffed french toast this week. I got the idea from one my my favorite foodies, Heather. It was scrumptious!

4. Yesterday, a woman in Kentucky was murdered while she was running. This saddened me so much to hear this on the news last night. Definitely a runner’s worst fear and the fact that it happened so close to home was even more terrifying. Mr. SP was also a little frazzled by this story and has insisted I start carrying a tazer with me when I run, of which I did not argue.

5. Father’s Day is this weekend and we are having my Dad a Father’s Day Dinner this afternoon. I STILL have not bought his gift yet and have no idea what I’m going to get him. Such a slacker…

Todays Q’s:

Are you a gift slacker like me? What great Father’s Day presents did you buy? (i.e. I’m desparate! Ideas please!!)

When you get good news, do you tend to hold it in and relish in the moment quietly or do you get so excited you’re bursting at the seams and can’t wait to tell everyone you know?


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