A journey to health and happiness.


When I met my husband, and decided to leave my hometown, it was very bittersweet. I grew up on a horse ranch very far out into the country. There were many lazy Summer days spent chasing barn kittens, riding bicycles with my little brother and playing with my dog. The beautiful, clear days we’ve been having lately only make me miss home more.

Sometimes I really miss home, and miss my Mom and Dad. Even though home is not that far away, sometimes it feels like it is an entire country away.

This past weekend we visited my parents. We have been making more trips than usual to stay with them on the weekends, at least about once a month. They enjoy having me around the house again and I love being back home. Mom loves to cook large meals for us. Of course, I always like to help!


Pumpkin Granola Pancakes (on the left) and Plain Granola Pacakes (on the right).

Mr. SP gets his farm-fix for awhile and his inner country boy comes out. And Dad loves the company of Mr. SP. This weekend they worked on baling and bringing in the hay together. This of course makes me smile. Growing up, my Dad always commented about my future, someday husband, “I’ll know if he’ll be worth somethin’ if he knows how to bale hay!” I think Dad approves. 🙂

While they worked, Chester and I enjoyed a walk and reminisced about all the good times.

Our old fishing spot.

If you look, you can see a fish hiding in there!

The place we used to come and pick wild blackberries. Sadly, they weren’t quite ready for picking on this day.

Sometimes we never know what we’re going to get into at Mom and Dad’s.

Chester has a great time, too. Usually after these weekends visiting Mamaw and Papaw, the rest of the weekend this is all he can muster.

All and all it was a great weekend!

A couple of Q’s:

If you ever moved away from home, what was the most difficult thing about leaving?

What do you miss the most?


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