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I’m a Foodie Pen Pal!

Hello everyone,

Guess what?

The Lean Green Bean

That’s right! This past month was my first time around doing the Foodie Pen Pal exchange. I received a package from Virginia over at Squirrel Circus. It seems as if I waited FOR-EV-ER for my package to arrive (no worries Virginia, it was right on time!) I was just so excited it felt that way!

So what was in the box?

The hubster has also been listening to me go on and on about this foodie exchange for a few weeks now, and naturally, he was curious about my mysterious delivery. When he spied the prezels…well, lets just say there was no waiting on those. We immediately opened them and took a bite. Amazing! I also spooned him out some of the mustard to dip the pretzels in. He was a little unsure about the mustard. I, on the other hand, LOVE IT! I can imagine this mustard going on – well, everything.

Needless to say, the cookies also did not make it to the end of the week. Both Mr. SP and I divided each of the cookies and ate them for dessert. He agreed they were both very tasty. I especially loved the Four Seed Cookie one. It has a biscuity (?) texture and was even better when soaked in my coffee after dinner.

I was also super excited about the Pepper Jam. Although admittedly, I have not tried it yet. Virginia provided a recipe to go along with the Pepper Jam and I had the best intentions of picking up some cream cheese this past weekend, but forgot (womp, womp). I actually prefer to make a couple of things last anyway. I always think things are better if you enjoy them overtime slowly.

Insert random story I thought of just now when writing about Pepper Jam.

My best friend/college roomie used to make fun of me because I would go shopping for clothes and then leave them hanging in my closet for weeks with the tags still on them, unworn. I used to just take one of the new items out each week and wear them in an attempt to “save the new” .

I do this with lots of things. Just last weekend I was enjoying our weekly Mom/Daughter dinner date, and my Mom thought it was funny that I hadn’t even touched the cheese wedge that came with my salad.

She inquired, “I thought you loved cheese! You haven’t even touched it!”

My response, “I do, which is why I’m saving it for last!”

And now back to your Foodie Penpal presentation.

So, yea. I love saving the best for last and although I don’t know what the Pepper Jam taste like yet, that is the very reason I’m so excited to try it and I’m saving it temporarily. You will just have to stay tuned for when I do try it!

I sent my foodie penpal package to Ashley over at Sore Leggs & Scrambled Eggs. If you’re interested to see what she got, then go show her blog some love!


This first Foodie Pen Pal exchange was a blast! I can’t wait for next month. If you’re interested in becoming a Foodie Pen Pal (both bloggers and readers welcome!) then please checkout our host Lindsey for the details.

Q for today:

How about you? Are you a save-the-best-for-last kinda person, or can you not wait to dive right in?


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One thought on “I’m a Foodie Pen Pal!

  1. So glad everything arrived in one piece! This is the part where I tell you that all of those pretzels were originally WHOLE. Ha ha — just kidding! Glad you enjoyed the snacks. My second favorite thing to dip in the mustard is cubes of muenster or other cheese. 🙂

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