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WIAW – The HOT Potata Edition

Hello Hot Potatas!

Man, is it every BLAZING outiside. Some of the days this past week have been right out misery. You know it’s hot when you walk outside and find yourself struggling for air and trying to breathe! We are finally starting to cool down a bit around here. We had a couple of storms pass through over the weekend and the sky looked ominous (I love that word) this morning (and by “this morning” I mean yesterday, because that’s when I typed this.)

I totally spaced out last week for WIAW… Oh well, that just means I have more to show you for this week! So let’s get this party started!

Before we begin, let me make a confession. The lovely lady at Peas and Crayons has suggested WIAW to also include Fitness as part of the theme for this month. Well, here at Hello Sweet Potato, there has been a significant lack of fitness lately, so that definitely has to change. Now that we’ve cleared that up, onward!

There have not been a ton of “creative” eats lately. Mr. SP and I have been relying entirely too much on eating out this past week and eating up random leftovers in the house. Remember when I mentioned I had a TON of food leftover from my little bro’s baby shower??

There was breakfast:

Momma’s Best Cereal, Almond Milk, and fresh strawberries from my brother’s shower. Of course, with a side of coffee in my favorite mug!

Whole wheat pancakes (from the box cuz I’m lazy that way) with pureed strawberry syrup. Unphotogenic, but SO delicious!

Lunch also consisted of ways to try and utilize the plentiful leftovers from the shower. First up was a turkey and ham sandwich with mini peppers and hummus on the side. I was psyched about the peppers last week when I found an entire bag on sale for .99 cents!

And there was leftover pizza which I veggified with banana peppers grown from the garden. The pizza was accompanied by fresh peas and zucchini from the garden.

I also had dinner with my Mama this past week and we ate at one of our favorite local restaraunts, Gondoliers. Gondoliers is mostly Italian, but they have a HUGE menu. I had the Greek Chicken salad (not pictured) and we split a piece of their Milkyway cake. Their cake servings are collosal. Needless to say, we split a serving, and then I split my half again and took part of it to Mr. SP.

On the 4th, we celebrated with a cookout at Mr. SP’s grandparents house. There was tons of food!

This guy also made an appearance to the party. I held out my hand close to him and to my dismay, he jumped right in it! Of course I jumped around like a silly girl afterwards! I’m not sure exactly what I expected when I put my hand out.

I made these cuties. Sadly, most of them melted by the time we got there and the strawberries had slid off the tops, but they were still pretty tasty! You can find the recipe here.

And there was lots of snacks during the week. I was super excited to find these on sale last week at the grocery.

I whipped up this combo one night after a tough workout.

1/2 sliced banana, 2 tbsp of PB2, sprinkle of cinnamon = absolute deliciousness.

There was also a quick trip to Starbucks after grocery shopping for a Skinny Iced Vanilla Latte.

As I sit here typing this (several hours later from earlier) another storm is brewing up outside. The one from this morning passed over us, but at least we have had a little rain. I am hoping for a bit more or I fear the garden is not going to make it!

Toodles for now!

Q’s for today:

What’s your fave drink from Starbucks?

I’m struggling to think of another question tonight, so how about you just tell me whatever random thought jumps into your head!


It’s A Boy!

Hello Taters!

So, WOW! My stats have boomed since yesterday! In case you haven’t noticed, Hello SP is now on Twitter @hellosweettater, and on FB (see the “Like” box in the right column). We are movin’ on up! I have lots of other projects in the works, as well, so stay tuned for more exciting places you can see Hello Sweet Potato.

Anyway, onto today’s topic. A few days ago I told you guys what a crazy, busy weekend I had. Well, here’s the recap! Last weekend I traveled to my hometown to help out with my little brother’s baby shower. He and his lovely girlfriend are expecting their first bouncing baby on September 4th!

We worked ALL day on preparing the food. And was there ever a TON of it!

After preparing all the food, we were completely famished ourselves. So, we had a pizza break.

After our break, the decorations were put into place and everything was ready.

My Mom brought these guys to the party…

And this guy also showed up.

Yes, that would be an elephant on top of a diaper tricycle. What? Don’t act like you’ve never seen this.

Our friend, Judy, made the cutest cake ever! The toys on the cake were my little brother’s when he was a kid.

It was finally time to get the party started.

And what would a party be without gifts and games!

One game involved guessing how many jelly beans were in this ginormous baby bottle. But, I think the count was off, because a few might have disappeared. 🙂

After gifts, games, and great food, it was finally time to clean up and go home. And WHEW, was I ever tired! There was also lots of food left over and most of us were scrambling to divide up the royalties. I made out pretty good with TONS of veggies and fruit, of which I have made good use of over the last week. You will see more of that in this week’s WIAW.

My brother also was trying to find a place to stash stuff, and he just so happened to have a cooler in his jeep that was full of these…

Yea. I don’t think he’s going to be needing those anymore once the baby arrives. Haha!

Hope everyone else has had a great weekend and finding creative ways to make due with this heat! Toodles!

A couple of Q’s:

What’s the most creative game you have ever seen at a baby shower?

What’s your take on baby showers? Love em or hate em?

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