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WIAW – The HOT Potata Edition

Hello Hot Potatas!

Man, is it every BLAZING outiside. Some of the days this past week have been right out misery. You know it’s hot when you walk outside and find yourself struggling for air and trying to breathe! We are finally starting to cool down a bit around here. We had a couple of storms pass through over the weekend and the sky looked ominous (I love that word) this morning (and by “this morning” I mean yesterday, because that’s when I typed this.)

I totally spaced out last week for WIAW… Oh well, that just means I have more to show you for this week! So let’s get this party started!

Before we begin, let me make a confession. The lovely lady at Peas and Crayons has suggested WIAW to also include Fitness as part of the theme for this month. Well, here at Hello Sweet Potato, there has been a significant lack of fitness lately, so that definitely has to change. Now that we’ve cleared that up, onward!

There have not been a ton of “creative” eats lately. Mr. SP and I have been relying entirely too much on eating out this past week and eating up random leftovers in the house. Remember when I mentioned I had a TON of food leftover from my little bro’s baby shower??

There was breakfast:

Momma’s Best Cereal, Almond Milk, and fresh strawberries from my brother’s shower. Of course, with a side of coffee in my favorite mug!

Whole wheat pancakes (from the box cuz I’m lazy that way) with pureed strawberry syrup. Unphotogenic, but SO delicious!

Lunch also consisted of ways to try and utilize the plentiful leftovers from the shower. First up was a turkey and ham sandwich with mini peppers and hummus on the side. I was psyched about the peppers last week when I found an entire bag on sale for .99 cents!

And there was leftover pizza which I veggified with banana peppers grown from the garden. The pizza was accompanied by fresh peas and zucchini from the garden.

I also had dinner with my Mama this past week and we ate at one of our favorite local restaraunts, Gondoliers. Gondoliers is mostly Italian, but they have a HUGE menu. I had the Greek Chicken salad (not pictured) and we split a piece of their Milkyway cake. Their cake servings are collosal. Needless to say, we split a serving, and then I split my half again and took part of it to Mr. SP.

On the 4th, we celebrated with a cookout at Mr. SP’s grandparents house. There was tons of food!

This guy also made an appearance to the party. I held out my hand close to him and to my dismay, he jumped right in it! Of course I jumped around like a silly girl afterwards! I’m not sure exactly what I expected when I put my hand out.

I made these cuties. Sadly, most of them melted by the time we got there and the strawberries had slid off the tops, but they were still pretty tasty! You can find the recipe here.

And there was lots of snacks during the week. I was super excited to find these on sale last week at the grocery.

I whipped up this combo one night after a tough workout.

1/2 sliced banana, 2 tbsp of PB2, sprinkle of cinnamon = absolute deliciousness.

There was also a quick trip to Starbucks after grocery shopping for a Skinny Iced Vanilla Latte.

As I sit here typing this (several hours later from earlier) another storm is brewing up outside. The one from this morning passed over us, but at least we have had a little rain. I am hoping for a bit more or I fear the garden is not going to make it!

Toodles for now!

Q’s for today:

What’s your fave drink from Starbucks?

I’m struggling to think of another question tonight, so how about you just tell me whatever random thought jumps into your head!


It’s the Friday Five! (Belated)

Hello my sweet potatoes! (If you’re out there?)

Okay, so I do realize it’s now Saturday instead of Friday, but I missed the boat yesterday. Oh well, better late than never!

I have been having sooome traffic to this little blog of mine. I just want to extend a formal ‘welcome’ to all of you out there lurking in the shadows. I know you’re out there somewhere. I seeee yooou!

In case my extended lapse in posting is of somewhat of a surpirse, let me recap by explaning I STILL do not have a computer. Very frustrating… Even more disastrous, yesterday I came home and found out this had happened.


Yea. That would be a huge crack in the screen of my Kindle Fire. I had just used it that morning on the commute to work and it was fine. My only guess is that by leaving it in the SwElTeRiNg temperatures of the day, the heat became too much and caused it to crack. Unfortunately (according to Amazon) this type of damage is not covered under the warranty. However, they are going to be nice enough to let me send this one back and get a new one for $100, which half the price. Guess I can’t complain.

And just to prove the blazing hot temps for the last few days, my car read this when I got in it the other day.


She’s so hot, hot, HOT!

Anyway, onto this week’s Friday Five!

1. This week I received my giveaway win from the fabulous Annette for NuNaturals products. I was so excited to open the box and realize not only did I receive the extracts promised in the giveaway, but I also received a large box of packets and a sprinkle container! I used the sprinkles in my oatmeal this morning with some unsweetened almond milk, sliced banana, and also some cinnamon. It was devine!

2. I am also excited about how well our garden is doing this year. We share a garden with my inlaws next door and despite the very dry weather, the crops seem to be doing great!

3. My inlaws also have a small blueberry orchard in which, of course, me and Mr. SP can have all the blueberries we want for free! And this year, the raspberries are also starting to come in…delicious.

4. I am loving the Cliff Kid’s Z bars. After reading about these from Heather’s blog, I simply had to try them. I am munching on one right now as I type, and let me just say, O.M.G. AMAZING! Not to mention they are less expensive than the typical bars and have less calories (130). LOVE!

5. Last, and perhaps the most monumental occasion of all, was this moment.


You’re saying, “What, so it’s a microwave? Big deal.” What if I told you this microwave has been sitting on our kitchen table since we moved in – almost 2 years ago. That’s right, it has been taking up space on the table for almost 2 years! We bought this above range model to go with our new stove when we first moved into Chateau Sweet Potato. Then, because we did not have enough knowledge to install the
microwave, Mr. SP sat it on the kitchen table “just until someone can come put it in.” Although we have still been using our old one, I (the foodie) was getting very tired of looking at this huge thing on the kitchen table and not being able to actually sit down to eat a meal. It had become a long-running joke (yes it sat there long enough to become a long-running joke). At times when Mr. SP and I would bicker over the numerous things I have neglected to take care of around the house (i.e. when it’s my turn to do the dishes, etc.) all I would have to do is point at the microwave. It was very effective. 🙂

That’s it for my week! How was yours? I would love for you to tell me about it!

Today’s Q’s:

Have you ever had a house project that has been put off entirely too long?

What is your favorite garden vegetable/fruit?

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