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It’s A Boy!

Hello Taters!

So, WOW! My stats have boomed since yesterday! In case you haven’t noticed, Hello SP is now on Twitter @hellosweettater, and on FB (see the “Like” box in the right column). We are movin’ on up! I have lots of other projects in the works, as well, so stay tuned for more exciting places you can see Hello Sweet Potato.

Anyway, onto today’s topic. A few days ago I told you guys what a crazy, busy weekend I had. Well, here’s the recap! Last weekend I traveled to my hometown to help out with my little brother’s baby shower. He and his lovely girlfriend are expecting their first bouncing baby on September 4th!

We worked ALL day on preparing the food. And was there ever a TON of it!

After preparing all the food, we were completely famished ourselves. So, we had a pizza break.

After our break, the decorations were put into place and everything was ready.

My Mom brought these guys to the party…

And this guy also showed up.

Yes, that would be an elephant on top of a diaper tricycle. What? Don’t act like you’ve never seen this.

Our friend, Judy, made the cutest cake ever! The toys on the cake were my little brother’s when he was a kid.

It was finally time to get the party started.

And what would a party be without gifts and games!

One game involved guessing how many jelly beans were in this ginormous baby bottle. But, I think the count was off, because a few might have disappeared. 🙂

After gifts, games, and great food, it was finally time to clean up and go home. And WHEW, was I ever tired! There was also lots of food left over and most of us were scrambling to divide up the royalties. I made out pretty good with TONS of veggies and fruit, of which I have made good use of over the last week. You will see more of that in this week’s WIAW.

My brother also was trying to find a place to stash stuff, and he just so happened to have a cooler in his jeep that was full of these…

Yea. I don’t think he’s going to be needing those anymore once the baby arrives. Haha!

Hope everyone else has had a great weekend and finding creative ways to make due with this heat! Toodles!

A couple of Q’s:

What’s the most creative game you have ever seen at a baby shower?

What’s your take on baby showers? Love em or hate em?



When I met my husband, and decided to leave my hometown, it was very bittersweet. I grew up on a horse ranch very far out into the country. There were many lazy Summer days spent chasing barn kittens, riding bicycles with my little brother and playing with my dog. The beautiful, clear days we’ve been having lately only make me miss home more.

Sometimes I really miss home, and miss my Mom and Dad. Even though home is not that far away, sometimes it feels like it is an entire country away.

This past weekend we visited my parents. We have been making more trips than usual to stay with them on the weekends, at least about once a month. They enjoy having me around the house again and I love being back home. Mom loves to cook large meals for us. Of course, I always like to help!


Pumpkin Granola Pancakes (on the left) and Plain Granola Pacakes (on the right).

Mr. SP gets his farm-fix for awhile and his inner country boy comes out. And Dad loves the company of Mr. SP. This weekend they worked on baling and bringing in the hay together. This of course makes me smile. Growing up, my Dad always commented about my future, someday husband, “I’ll know if he’ll be worth somethin’ if he knows how to bale hay!” I think Dad approves. 🙂

While they worked, Chester and I enjoyed a walk and reminisced about all the good times.

Our old fishing spot.

If you look, you can see a fish hiding in there!

The place we used to come and pick wild blackberries. Sadly, they weren’t quite ready for picking on this day.

Sometimes we never know what we’re going to get into at Mom and Dad’s.

Chester has a great time, too. Usually after these weekends visiting Mamaw and Papaw, the rest of the weekend this is all he can muster.

All and all it was a great weekend!

A couple of Q’s:

If you ever moved away from home, what was the most difficult thing about leaving?

What do you miss the most?

It’s the Friday Five! (Belated)

Hello my sweet potatoes! (If you’re out there?)

Okay, so I do realize it’s now Saturday instead of Friday, but I missed the boat yesterday. Oh well, better late than never!

I have been having sooome traffic to this little blog of mine. I just want to extend a formal ‘welcome’ to all of you out there lurking in the shadows. I know you’re out there somewhere. I seeee yooou!

In case my extended lapse in posting is of somewhat of a surpirse, let me recap by explaning I STILL do not have a computer. Very frustrating… Even more disastrous, yesterday I came home and found out this had happened.


Yea. That would be a huge crack in the screen of my Kindle Fire. I had just used it that morning on the commute to work and it was fine. My only guess is that by leaving it in the SwElTeRiNg temperatures of the day, the heat became too much and caused it to crack. Unfortunately (according to Amazon) this type of damage is not covered under the warranty. However, they are going to be nice enough to let me send this one back and get a new one for $100, which half the price. Guess I can’t complain.

And just to prove the blazing hot temps for the last few days, my car read this when I got in it the other day.


She’s so hot, hot, HOT!

Anyway, onto this week’s Friday Five!

1. This week I received my giveaway win from the fabulous Annette for NuNaturals products. I was so excited to open the box and realize not only did I receive the extracts promised in the giveaway, but I also received a large box of packets and a sprinkle container! I used the sprinkles in my oatmeal this morning with some unsweetened almond milk, sliced banana, and also some cinnamon. It was devine!

2. I am also excited about how well our garden is doing this year. We share a garden with my inlaws next door and despite the very dry weather, the crops seem to be doing great!

3. My inlaws also have a small blueberry orchard in which, of course, me and Mr. SP can have all the blueberries we want for free! And this year, the raspberries are also starting to come in…delicious.

4. I am loving the Cliff Kid’s Z bars. After reading about these from Heather’s blog, I simply had to try them. I am munching on one right now as I type, and let me just say, O.M.G. AMAZING! Not to mention they are less expensive than the typical bars and have less calories (130). LOVE!

5. Last, and perhaps the most monumental occasion of all, was this moment.


You’re saying, “What, so it’s a microwave? Big deal.” What if I told you this microwave has been sitting on our kitchen table since we moved in – almost 2 years ago. That’s right, it has been taking up space on the table for almost 2 years! We bought this above range model to go with our new stove when we first moved into Chateau Sweet Potato. Then, because we did not have enough knowledge to install the
microwave, Mr. SP sat it on the kitchen table “just until someone can come put it in.” Although we have still been using our old one, I (the foodie) was getting very tired of looking at this huge thing on the kitchen table and not being able to actually sit down to eat a meal. It had become a long-running joke (yes it sat there long enough to become a long-running joke). At times when Mr. SP and I would bicker over the numerous things I have neglected to take care of around the house (i.e. when it’s my turn to do the dishes, etc.) all I would have to do is point at the microwave. It was very effective. 🙂

That’s it for my week! How was yours? I would love for you to tell me about it!

Today’s Q’s:

Have you ever had a house project that has been put off entirely too long?

What is your favorite garden vegetable/fruit?

Garlic Lime Shrimp Tacos

Hello Everyone,

So, I just thought I would do a weekend recap for this post, as well as share with you my new recipe! This weekend was spent being very laaazzzzyy. Mr. SP and I had BIG plans to finish up our little landscaping project and do a few other chores around Chateau Sweet Potato. At 11am Saturday morning, Mr. SP announced, “In 1 hr I have to get to work.” I spent the morning catching up on my blog reading before I decided to take a shower. Approximately 5 HRS LATER, Mr. SP was still sitting on the couch, Castlevilling (have you heard of this game on Facebook?). Oh well, some weekends are like that, and it was still pretty great.


Saturday afternoon consisted of watching Puss In Boots and Little Cesar’s. LOVE Crazy Bread!

Sunday included more entertainment. We finally watched Snowwhite and the Huntsman! I really loved it, but somehow I just can’t move past Kristen’s Twilight character. I fear I will never be able to watch any of her movies without wishing it was the 5th (and 6th, and 7th…) Twilight.

And now, what you all have been waiting for!

Remember these?

Garlic Lime Shrimp Tacos

Serves 4-6 2 hungry individuals.


  • 12 oz package of deveined, pre cooked baby shrimp with tails removed
    2 tbsp of your favorite Seafood Seasoning Blend
    1 tbsp of minced garlic (halved)
    2/3 c of chopped scallions (reserve the bulb part)
    Juice of 1 lime or about 1/4 c. (I used bottled lime juice, but fresh would be better)
    1 tsp of paprika
    2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
    1 tbsp of chopped fresh dill
    1 tsp of red pepper flakes (Optional. Add more if you want more FIRE!)
  • fresh dill (Optional)
    dash of salt and pepper to taste
    Whole Wheat Tortillas (if large variety, about 5 cut in half.)

Let’s Get Cooking!

Step 1:

Make sure your shrimp is thawed all the way. If not, follow the directions on the package for thawing. Usually this will mean putting the shrimp in a strainer under cold running water 5 – 7 minutes.

Step 2:

Pour shrimp in a large bowl to toss with ingredients. Add the lime juice, seafood seasoning, paprika, fresh dill (optional), the rest of the chopped scallions, garlic, red pepper flakes (optional), and the salt and pepper. Stir all ingredients together and allow to marinate for approximately 5 minutes.

Step 3:

While the shrimp is marinating, prepare a skillet over medium – low heat. Add the olive oil, half the garlic, and the bulb part of the scallions to the pan.

Step 4:

After the shrimp has marinated and the pan has heated, pour the shrimp into the pan. Sautee the shrimp for about 5 – 7 minutes, or until no longer pink.

Step 5:

Remove the pan from the burner. Fill the tortillas with the shrimp and any other toppings as desired. Enjoy!

These were absolutely DEEE-licious and so easy to make! I topped mine with fresh tomatoes, onion, spinach, and a little salsa. I paired it with steamed broccoli. The hubby approved!

Todays Q’s:

How do you like to spend your weekend? Jam-packed with tons of stuff to do or lazying around the house with no agenda?

What did you think of Snowwhite and the Huntsman?

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